Yacht Management & Winterizing


Yacht Management & Winterizing

"While your precious is sleeping till spring we care her” is a short summary about our winterizing services.

Today most of the yachts are enough expensive to have consign by a institutional professionals for winter rather then one of the crew members. Because even she is sleeping in the marina she needs a very attentive care during the winter. She needs to be ready before the winter, she needs to care during the winter and she needs many works after the winter.

We are giving complete winterizing services to out customers while they are not on board during the winter.

Here are some works which are boats needs before, during and after winterizing;

- Servicing Engine(s) for winter
- Servicing Batteries for winter
- Servicing Generator(s) for winter
- Packaging and storage electronics and other portable equipments for winter
- Servicing pumps, toilets, pipes and hoses
- Servicing cables, electricity equipments
- Packaging and storage sailing equipments
- Packaging and storage for deck equipments
- Servicing safety equipments and renew certifications for validity
- Periodical Ventilation
- Periodical Controls and reports to owner For more information please contact with us.