About Us

The Leading Gulet Brokerage Company In Turkey

About Us

Letsbrokerage is the brokerage brunch of Lets Gulet which is the one of the biggest gulet charter company based in Turkey.

Our story is started at 1998 as a first brokerage company owned a domain name and a web site here in Turkey. While we were focused on gulets it is easy to say that we did describe and enlighten the world about the gulets. Gulets, as we call it traditional Turkish Motor sailors.

Now we are so happy that gulets are in charter business all over the World. And we are one the reason. Last 20 years we sold more than a hundred of gulets all over the world. Ladies are sailing in different seas for charter and some of them as a private boat.

Letsbrokerage bring its experience to help you to find best alternative boats which are most suitable for you. As you may know even these boats look likes each other because of they are hand made wooden boats all of them is uniq.

Because of we are in this business lats 20 years we have relationship with all gulet owners and builders in the area. We knows the boat with their stories.

Letsbrokerage team also listing sail yacht, motor yacht and other type of yachts but Gulets are our business, they are also our profession.

Letsbrokerage is a start point for looking for a gulet to buy and sure that it is also the finish point.